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2018 Conference Items

2018 Conference agenda

NASFAA Update - Justin Draeger

2018 Federal Update - Kevin Campbell

New Director - Mendy Schmerer

Nudging Your Students in the Right Direction - Melanie Rinehart

Year-Round Pell for Clock Hours - Kevin Campbell

Reconciliation for Business Officers - Barbara Davis

Year-Round Pell for Credit Hours - Kevin Campbell

Gainful Employment - Andrew Hammontree

Demystify the Mystery - Sar Comments - Caryn Pacheco

Cash Management Overview - Shannon Crossland

What is the Right Type of Loan - Michelle Enriquez & Denise Sullivan

G5 - The Do's and Dont's - Matt Bernard

Clery Act/VAWA Overview - Serena Hitter

Effective Financial Aid Counseling - Karen Jeffers

Being the Best FAA You Can Be - Jonna Raney

Managing Up - Kimberly Thomas

Oklahoma State Regents Update - Irala Magee & Bryce Fair